Garden 2013

I went to the home center yesterday, and 7000 yen later I had a boatload of plants and a fancy new mallet for pounding in stakes. I planted and staked everything yesterday afternoon, and this afternoon set up the nets for the cucumbers to climb (always a confusing exercise for me).

I share the garden with a few other people. My section consists of the first four rows next to the rice paddy.


I still have one row completely unplanted. I have some carrot seeds to plant there, and when I find a place selling habanero plants I’ll get a few of those, too. Last year I planted potatoes but am foregoing them this year. They are a pain in the butt, got attacked by slugs, are labor intensive (not that that’s really an issue), and I don’t even like taters that much to begin with.


Here’s a view from the opposite end of the garden. You can see my garlic in the corner. I’ve tried to grow garlic a few times, but this year’s crop looks to be better than any of my previous attempts. I also have some red onions behind the garlic, but the old farmer who tills my soil for me also ran over have of my onion patch with his tractor a few weeks ago, so my harvest will be minimal.


Here’s a run down of what I planted:

4 green pepper plants
3 red pepper plants
2 Japanese (small) eggplant plants
2 American (big and fat) eggplant plants
1 white eggplant plant (never seen a white eggplant)
5 large tomato plants
4 mini-tomato plants (2 yellow and 2 sweet)
3 okra plants (for my family, I don’t touch the stuff)
3 red chili pepper plants
4 cucumber plants
1 zucchini plant
1 seed pack of snap peas (I think that’s what they are called in English)
2 seed packs of corn (maybe 50 ears if none of them die)

I think this is the most I’ve ever planted, and I still have a bunch of room. I’ll also gain more space in a few weeks when I harvest the garlic and onions. Last year I grew kabocha squash but am giving it a pass this year. Anyway, I’d say I have a good start. Here’s to warm sunny days and no crazy weather until my veggies have set their roots.


2 thoughts on “Garden 2013

  1. Looks great! Our green peppers turn red after a while…I suppose people eat rice in Japan because potatoes don’t grow well there? We grew white eggplant last year–just the same as purple, except they make more sense of the name “egg” plant.

  2. Thanks Patty! My green peppers turn red, too…but they still taste like green peppers. Potatoes actually grow pretty well here and are pretty popular, so I don’t think that’s why they eat so much rice. My white eggplant plant is not looking too hot, might be the first garden casualty… I miss reading your blog, by the way 😉

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