Think I’ll Pack It In…

It’s pretty rare these days that I get a chance to get out and explore, wandering around taking pictures with little sense of time constraint. I lucked out today though, having a random day off while the rest of my family had work/school, so I jumped in the car and I knew right where I wanted to go.

Last week, as some of you know, I went with Ray and the rest of his nursery school on a trip to the dinosaur museum in neighboring Fukui Prefecture. Ray had been talking up the trip for weeks leading up to it, and it was a spectacular day. The museum is of some repute, so I was looking forward to seeing at well. About 10 steps through the door Ray saw something that freaked him out, and that set the tone — 20 minutes later we were wandering around outside the museum, which was no less intimidating with its numerous dinosaur statues littering the grounds. So that trip was a complete failure aside from the fact that the bus took us through the mountains with some spectacular views of along the reservoir behind the Tedori Dam.

So that’s where I headed today. I was tempted to go back to the dinosaur museum to properly check it out sans hysterical son, but I had other designs on how to use my free time today and didn’t want to squander it all driving around the hills and back roads of Ishikawa. It is sweet that within 30 minutes of the unsightly sprawl of Kanazawa we have this kind of natural landscape (of course, it is a manmade reservoir…but we do have all these mountains).








There were some promising nooks, crannies, and dirt roads that I passed on today, leaving them for next time I stumble upon a free day — good to have some fresh territory the next time I’m able to get out and about.

Back again soon with pictures of my adorable children. Enjoy the respite!


9 thoughts on “Think I’ll Pack It In…

  1. Hi Casey,
    nice trip. I guess that was on the back side of Shishiku. There is an unmapped street that goes from the dam up to the street that goes to SkyShishiku. It is under dry conditions no problem at all, the upper part being dirt road, though.
    I am often hanging around in these areas (bike, foot, car) and there is also the closest climbing spot and also a nice hike around Kuragadake, near the pond. Good place for the kids!


    1. hey norbert, i was way past shishiku on this drive…i took aright before the hakusan super rindo and through the mountains toward fukui…the place you describe sounds nice too…next time!

  2. Ahh, so it must have been 大日川ダム, near the ski area. Turn off point where the streets from Komatsu and Tsurugi meet, next to the nice Soba place.

    Next time you have time let’s go out for excursion together 🙂

    1. Hey Norbert, sorry I just saw this comment…have been away from the blog for a while. It was the Tedori Dam, not the Dainichi…as if you’re going to the Hakusan Super-Rindo, but turn right towards Katsuyama (?)…and excursion sound great!

      1. Ah, that one … did you stop at Ueno for Katatofu 😉 ? The best one around here! And not to be missed, the Onsen with fossils in the pool, great.

        Yeah, when? I am back …

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