Signs of Life

Aside from planting a bum-load of veggies in the next few weeks, all of the major landscaping projects are finished for the time being — the find is built, some perennials are planted, grassy area/BBQ garden is set up, and I’ve had some good soil trucked in for the garden. I don’t have the capacity to spend much more money on the yard at this point, but I’ve also done all the big things that I had initially envisioned.

That said, I’ll probably always find something to tinker around with concerning the yard, and this weekend adding some kind of border to the kawara chip walkway from driveway to the entrance was preoccupying me. It turns out that you aren’T supposed to steal rocks from the beach. I found that out after making two trips and loading bucket upon bucket of stones into the back of my minivan.

The thought crossed my mind — that perhaps there was some statute prohibiting people from removing rocks from the beach. When I went to the beach yesterday there was nobody there. But this morning there were some families and people fishing, and the foreigner hauling rocks certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

In the end I managed to get all my rocks home unscathed and set about adding them to the landscape. The main task, as I mentioned, was lining the walkway.


I had enough left over to put a border along the grass too. The BBQ garden is looking mighty fine — just need the sod to take root enough to support beer swilling, meat grilling, chair lounging people.


Around the yard plants are starting to show signs of life — a positive develop that spring is afoot and I haven’t killed any of the things I planted thus far.







The maple tree my father-in-law brought — already transplanted once.


Even the apple and pear trees, formerly just blank sticks protruding from the ground, have some little sprouts shooting out.

Golden Week is coming up, which is when I usually plant vegetables. I still have to calculate how much space I have and what I want to plant, but I’m looking forward to all the brown dirt gradually turning green and productive.

Hope it was a good weekend for everyone.


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