Garden 2014

The final piece of the grand vision I had when we started building our house — the garden — is now a reality. Yippee! And while it’s still as brown as can be, I’ll soon be gazing out upon rows and rows of happy green plants, bursting flower blossoms, and sagging sunflowers while I sip my morning coffee on the porch.


I planted tomatoes (large and small), cucumbers, orange, green, and purple peppers, okra, celery, yellow and green zucchini, beans, red chili peppers, eggplant (large ‘American’ eggplant and regular little Japanese eggplant), kabocha pumpkins, corn, carrots, and kale. I’m still hoping to get some potatoes in the ground, but I’m late and all the stores have sold out of seed potatoes. Fortunately I’m at my inlaw’s, who happen to be farmers, and no lots of other farmers who can perhaps hook me up with some spuds. I’ll certainly have more produce than we can consume, so I’m looking forward to giving some away.

The only thing I want to do now is gather bunch of leaves and other organic material from the nearby woods to put on and between the beds to discourage weeds, keep the mud at bay, and improve the soil over time.


Along the side of the house I made some herb beds. So far I’ve planted basil, cilantro, and dill.


On the other side of the house, the BBQ garden is begging for some action. The sod is almost ready to withstand drunken revelers, so it won’t be long. I need to find some tiki torches to stake around the border of the grass to really finish off the space.


I scattered a bunch of flower seeds along the left side of the walkway. I’m not sure how that will turn out, but the seeds are already germinated so I’ll find out soon. I also planted a row of giant sunflowers along the front of the property hoping to create a screen from the road.


A friend is using the space on the other side of the yard for her own vegetable garden. Eventually I’d like to plant an asparagus bed and maybe use this area to grow lots of onions and garlic over the winter.


This is definitely the biggest garden I have had. I had originally wanted a larger parcel of land, but now that I’ve tried to fill all of this space with a productive garden, it seems like a pretty good size. Anything larger would be pretty hard to maintain on my own, and this space will produce more food than my family can consume. I’ll work on figuring out the best way to utilize this space from now one, but for now I’m so excited to have my first garden planted at our new house.

We’re at my inlaw’s in Niigata for a little while. I’d rather be home tinkering among my vegetables, but the plus side is that there are people here to help out with my kids, and they get to hang out with their cousins, so everyone’s happy. If you’re in Japan, enjoy Golden Week. Go Bruins!


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