This Week In Gardening

I have soil envy. This is my inlaw’s garden. Look at that dirt — dark and fertile. You want to stick it in your coffee pot and brew it up. This is my benchmark.


As such, I spent the day collecting leaves and covering my garden with them. Put this in the same category of collecting hundreds of pounds of rocks at the beach to line my walkway with — an absurd amount of physical energy spent on a peculiar task. But I get a perverse pleasure from the work, and it gives me an excuse to drink a bottle of wine as a reward for all of my toiling. And in this case, there are tangible benefits to covering my yard in leaves. It will improve the soil when I till everything in next fall. Until then it will attract spiders and other insects that will devour all the other bugs that want to eat my garden, and the weeds should be kept at bay as well.


On the negative side, I’m estimating by how many I encountered scurrying away from my leaf-raking that I just imported 50-100 mukade — giant, venomous centipedes — into my yard. Mukade are pretty much the most disgusting insect Japan has to offer, and I know it’s only a matter of time before we find one in our house. Rumour has it that they travel in pairs, because one isn’t horrible enough. Karma be damned, I’ll kill every one of the bastards I come across, as long as I’m wearing my long boots. Which reminds me, no more Birkenstocks in the garden.

Anyway, all this paranoia got me to finally spread the anti-mukade powder that I bought a few weeks ago around the perimeter of the house. Even if it’s totally a placebo effect, I’ll sleep better.

But I’ll risk being bitten to death by centipedes in my sleep if it means nutritious layers of organic material sitting atop my beds, keeping the plants warm.


Elsewhere in the garden, corn, among other things, is popping up.


The grass is looking good, and I deem the BBQ garden ready for action.


The koi nobori are flying.


I made three scarecrows, the creepiest of which is this little one.


I installed some solar-powered LED lights along the walkway. ¥500 a pop — can’t be beat.


And this is where I hope to be spending an increasing amount of time as we edge our way towards summer.


These are good days. Go Bruins!


2 thoughts on “This Week In Gardening

  1. by spreading that powder didnt you just trap them all IN your perimeter? I had one of those things crawl up my leg while i was sleeping in hawaii, i swear it went from my hip to past my knee. also, sweet grill pad!

    1. Thanks Devin! The powder goes aroudnd the base of the foundation so the buggers can run around in the yard but theoretically won’t come inside.

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