I best document my first garden at the new house, and it’s going off right now, so it’s as good a time as any. Looking it pictures from a month ago it’s wild how much things can grow in such a relatively short time. Well before we started building this house I dreamed of having such a garden, so needless to say I’m pretty excited about the state of things.

Corn as tall as a man!


Lot’s of things as tall as a man, actually.


I finally managed to grow beautiful, healthy cucumbers, but they taste like crap — horribly bitter and inedible. Oh well, more organic material to add into the soil.


The sunflowers are markedly taller than a man at this point. I’m hoping we don’t get any strong storms that send them toppling over, as least until after they’ve blossomed.


From the road… I could easily lay naked on the porch and nobody would be the wiser. Or perhaps I already have…


Nothing too much of note going on here. I have a lot of other yard-related projects that I want to get to — a timber retaining wall at the front of the yard, extend the fence, extend the grass, plant more trees, chickens and all they entail, do something about the driveway — so lots of things to keep me busy for the next few years as I’m able to sock away a few yen here and there.

Until then…


6 thoughts on “Gar-damn!

    1. Not really, I started excavating for the retaining wall a few weeks ago and just threw the dirt up on top before I ran out of steam and couldn’t find the right timbers.

  1. It looks fantastic after such a short time! If it is this good this year, just imagine what it will be like after a few years of improving the soil!

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