Taking Shape

I was able to make up for yesterday’s lethargy this afternoon with some major earth moving. It was another stunning day so after a few hours in the office this morning I hastily came home and set about reforming my yard. I had already leveled half of the planting beds, so I finished that off and excavated a pathway across the yard between the upper half, where trees and shrubs will go, and the lower have, which will be mostly occupied by my vegetable garden.


During this process I had piled up all the dirt I intended to use for the veggie patch, with no real intention of doing much with it today. But with daylight and motivation still in good supply, and a bit of time left before I needed to pick my kids up from daycare, I went ahead and did a first go-around of a keyhole-type garden. This might have been a waste of energy since I have really given zero thought to where I will actually situate various vegetables in this garden, and I could end up filling in the paths and starting over. But I was curious to just try it out, and it wasn’t that much work.


It’s hard to tell the size of the keyhole bed in that picture, but it’s pretty large, and coupled with the other bed I will build on the other side of the yard, I should have no problem fitting in all the veggies I want to grow.

Basically I’m ready to get the trees and shrubs in the ground, as soon as I figure out where to put them all. Though I should probably grade out the side yard and find a home for all the dirt there before I put anything in the ground. Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of that over the weekend, if not before.

I also fished the shiitake logs out of the pond — which had frozen over night — and set them up behind the house, which is the darkest place we have in the yard. Hopefully the cold/frozen conditions weren’t too detrimental.

I have a feeling I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow, which is just as well since between crappy weather and some work I probably won’t have much opportunity to landscape for a few days.

Here’s a new episode of Gozaimasu! My podcasting partner is out of town, so it’s just me, and all I talk about is my garden!


3 thoughts on “Taking Shape

  1. I’ve been catching up in the Soy Bean and listening to some of your podcasts. The permaculture reminds me of a concept I learned about in a class I took called American Indians and the Environment. They had a system they called “The Three Sisters”. It consisted of corn, beans and squash. Planted on mounds, the corn in the center provides stalks for the beans to climb. The beans added nitrogen to the soil. As the squash spread, the spikey nature of its stems kept animals, like deer and such, at bay, as well as shading to prevent weeds and natural mulch/nutrient additions from decomposing leaves. Each crop provides different nutrients to the soil as well as complimenting each other in a healthy diet. I always found it interesting, thought I would share it. Miss and love you guys. Hope to see you all soon.

      1. I’ve read about that Jesse, and am planning on trying it in the spring but using kabocha pumpkin instead of squash. Thanks for reading and listening!

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