Family Portrait

Tis the eave of planting here, with a warm and for the most part dry weekend ahead of us. I received the last of my initial saplings in the mail last night and have been fired up all week looking forward to getting everything in the ground. Also on the list of things to do this weekend: get rid of that friggin fridge.


So here’s a rundown of what I’m planting along with the benefits of each plant. Starting on the left…

First is a Mimosa variety of Acacia. It fixes nitrogen, attracts bees, and will provide shade for the porch. On the right is a Black Locust tree. I chose this primarily because it also fixes nitrogen and will shade the porch and the lawn/BBQ haven next to the house.


Next, from left, is a fig tree, because I love figs. It will also provide some privacy from the street. In the middle is a Kousa Dogwood, which has beautiful white flowers that attract bees, and produces edible fruit. I will also provide some shade/privacy on the porch. Next to that is a tiny little Japanese Alder, which will fix nitrogen and provide shade to the side yard.


Moving on… Two Nanking Cherry plants, which obviously provide fruit, and will attract bees when in bloom. On the right on two Autumn Olive plants, which fix nitrogen and provide edible berries.


And finally, on the left is a Strawberry Tree which I bought on a whim. It will produce fruit and hopefully attract bees. To the right are male and female Sea Buckthorn plants. They are really small — smaller than I thought — and they weren’t cheap, so I’ll have to cage them up so no small children go plowing over them. See Buckthorn also produces edible, Vitamin C-packed berries and fixes nitrogen.


As you can see, it’ll be a while before this place even remotely resembles a forest, and I won’t be reaping the benefits of these plants for several years at least. But I’m totally excited about getting everything in the ground and watching it mature.

I’ll update again over the weekend with the results. Happy Friday.


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