Beds Done

I had planned to wait longer before tackling the vegetable bed, but the weather was decent yesterday and I’m riding a wave of motivation, so it was back to the beach for a massive load of driftwood, then home to make a Pinterest-worthy veggie garden. I do believe my driftwood collecting days are behind me at the point. Hallelujah.

I would classify this as a take on a keyhole garden, though it doesn’t have the telltale shape. Still, the cut-ins allow for easy access to the veggies without trampling on the soil, which at some point will hopefully be home to many worms and microbes. The first step was to rough out the border and cut-ins. I had a general image in mind, but let the size and shape of the wood I’d harvested dictate how the bed ultimately turned out.



Then I back filled all the wood to finish off the bed.



This piece of driftwood had a 90-degree angle so I it worked perfectly for one of the cut-ins.


A birds-eye view of the front yard. You can see the left side of the veggie bed is much darker (waterlogged) than the other parts of the yard. All the water flows to that part of the yard, and I’m trying to figure out how to deal with this, or if I even need to.

You can also make out a few channels I’ve dug into the topsoil to try and channel rainwater down towards the pond. I’m not sure if these will work, but there’s way too much mud in the yard right now after a night of rain, and I need to solve that before I seed any of the walkways. (The red is the clay that underlies the entire yard.)


And I nearly forgot — turns out my Black Locust is actually a Eucalyptus tree (on the left). I had my suspicions from the beginning (and the tree had no name tag on it), but my tree knowledge isn’t that great and I figured the salesman who sold me the tree knew what he was talking about. They’re now trying to track down a Black Locust and will take the Eucalyptus back, hence it’s back in its pot.

Probably not too much action here a few days at least. Have a good week everyone.


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