Pond Drainage 2.0

Well, the ghetto pipe system that I showcased in my previous post started not working so well, and it was clear some modifications were in order. The pipe itself was too short, plus it was rather unsightly hanging out over the road and draining dirty water onto the sidewalk. I’d like to be a little less conspicuous than that. But more than that, not enough water was draining, and the garden was once again flooded after a few days of steady rain.

Finally the water level went down enough for me to excavate a channel in the bank of the pond and put in a longer, wider pipe.


All the while I was filling up the pond to the point where it would overflow into the pipe. Over the last couple of days I had been monitoring the water as it slowly drained out, and when it was at the level that I hoped to make the new high-water mark, I jammed a pole into the pond and marked the water level on it. I tried to make sure the drain pipe was at approximately the same height. Almost there…


Inconspicuous drainage! Especially considering that this thing will only be working when it’s raining heavily, and the rest of the sidewalk will be wet as well.


Here’s the final result. Once those beds are overflowing with vegetation and three’s some water-loving greenery in the pond itself, you’ll never know there’s an unsightly pipe seeping water onto the sidewalk.


There are a few problems with this setup. First, it’s such a waste to just lose water that I could potentially store and use in the garden itself. I’m hoping that once my garden is established, the many plants will be soaking up more water and less will be draining off the land. As it stands, there’s nothing really to do that job, and gravity is just carrying all the water away. If I’m still losing water at such a high rate even with established plants, I’ll tweak the system so that I can capture more of the water.

The other issue is that, even though I packed the bejesus out of the dirt as I filled in the channel around the pipe, some water still seems to be seeping through. It’s not horrible, and I’m hoping that as the dirt settles and compresses (are those even different things?) it’ll seal up.

But cosmetically a hell of lot better than what was going on there before… And we’re forecast for a day of rain tomorrow, so it’ll be a good test to see if this system actually works.

I think in the next week or so I’m going to get a bunch of seeds started, so that’ll probably be my next posting.


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