Heating Up

And like that, a month has passed. Last I wrote, things were mighty brown in the wannabe forest garden. Things are still pretty brown, but it’s slowly filling in as seeds sprout and trees and shrubs blossom. Autumn is my favorite season, but this time of year I am filled with an energy and optimism that I don’t experience at other times of year. I can’t wait to wake up early each morning, and on weekends I can easily spend the entire day outside.

I’m getting ready to plant my vegetable garden in a week or so. I could do it now, but we’re going away for a few days next weekend so I’m waiting until we get back. In the meantime, I spread a bunch of seeds in the main and keyhole beds — lettuce, radishes, carrots, chard, bok choy…maybe that’s it. I’ll thin them out and plant the veggie seedlings among them. It’s my fledging/half-assed attempt at polyculture, so we’ll see what survives.

The other largish project I did was to spread gravel in the drainage channels that lead to the pond. They’ve been working like a charm, but were gradually getting filled with runoff from other parts of the garden whenever we got consistent rain. The jury is still out as to whether I’ve actually improved the situation, or if all I’ve done is restrict water flow by filling the channels. Hopefully it’s the former. The gravel isn’t spectacular looking, but it’ll be covered with clover eventually.



Other notes…

Nothing I’ve planted so far has died…good news!

I’ve been surprised to see a shoot of asparagus already blasting through to the surface, and yet another shiitake has popped out of the logs.

Yesterday I planted my version of the ‘three sisters’ guild — corn, beans, and pumpkin. Actually, I only planted corn and bean seeds, and will pick up kabocha seedlings when I do the main vegetable planting. The corn provides something for the beans to climb up, the beans provide the corn with nitrogen, and the pumpkin acts as a ground cover.

After doing nothing for several weeks, the seeds I began germinating a few weeks ago have started germinating, so I can almost breath a sigh of relief.

My lazy man’s method of just scattering all different kinds of flower and other beneficial seeds throughout the garden has had an unexpected drawback. There are lots of weeds popping up now along with the seeds I broadcast, but it’s hard to tell which is which. So I’m just letting everything grow for a while until I can identify what it all is, then I’ll pull the weeds.

Here are some random pictures…

Future blueberries…


Autumn olive in bloom, with the white clover filling in the walkway…


New growth on the Acacia tree…


Jerusalem artichokes popping out…


Black Locust starting to sprout…


A potato…


Cattails thriving…


Lots of sun and warmth in the forecast for the next week…grow grow grow!


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