Fence Mods

I had the house to myself this weekend and have been itching for a project around the yard recently. The days of being able to do things outside are numbered, and my fence was looking in need of a fresh coat of paint. My dad and I built this fence shortly after we moved in a year and a half ago, and in actuality it never did get a legitimate coat of paint. We (mostly my dad) slapped a couple coats of leftover primer on and left it at that. It looked good enough for a while, but was starting to show it’s age.

But why stop at a paint job when the fence could be improved and extended? Lightbulbs started going off, and Saturday afternoon I had borrowed a K-truck and was gingerly driving it home with a load of wood precariously strapped to the top.


One of the problems with the fence, I decided, was that it didn’t offer any privacy. To be honest, I’m not the concerned about privacy. As the sole foreign inhabitant of this neighborhood, I’ve accepted that people are going to be curious about what I’m doing and I don’t have a huge problem with that (to an extent). But it was a good way to justify a not-totally necessary project.

DSC_0134I managed to finish everything by Sunday, including a coat of paint on the outside of the fence, and with Monday off and my family heading back I was up early putting another coat on the outside and a first coat on the inside.


Privacy improved, though a determined stalker can still get a glimpse.

DSC_0136I extended the fence to the front of the house, and this is pretty much the crowning achievement of my limited carpentry skills.


The yard feels a little cozier on the inside, in a good way.

DSC_0142Elsewhere, garlic and onions have begun sprouting, daikon and turnips are well on their way, and the other veggies have yet to be ravaged by the caterpillars that got them last year. I did have a murderous slug-slaying escapade the other night though…

(By the way, WordPress is losing me. They’ve managed to completely screw up a once seamless blogging platform.)


9 thoughts on “Fence Mods

  1. My other response got lost on the iphone … I wanted to ask why you don’t get your own domain, and if it is just a normal blog I can host it.

  2. Fresh paint Norbert! It won’t be that white for very long… I’ve thought about getting my own domain before, but never bothered since I’ve been content with the free WordPress service until recently. Plus I’m too cheap and infrequent a blogger to justify it, but if I continue having trouble with WordPress perhaps I’ll take you up on your offer. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the compliments. Everything is still a work in progress, but I’m pretty excited about how things have gone so far. A lot better than all the clay that I started with!

  3. I visted Kanazawa last year and loved the place. Told my wife this would be a great place to retire and live.
    Garden looks better in every photo. We don’t have the same amount of land, so will have get creative with how we setup the vegie gardens.

    1. Yeah Kanazawa is a pretty special place, mountains and ocean real close by, lots of interesting history and cultural things to do…I count myself as fortunate to have ended up here.
      As for the garden and space, I thought our land was small (with America being my reference point), but once I set about trying to fill it with vegetation and maintain it, I realized it was relatively large. You can do a lot with limited space.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Same here, a small block back home is around 400m2.
    Only have 122m2 with 98m2 taken up by the house but being in Tokyo can’t complain too much as land is expensive and unlike Australia doesn’t actually increase in value, which I haven’t come to terms with yet, lol.
    Hopefully next years trip we’ll be up that way to enjoy the fish market and scenery.

    1. Yeah I don’t think property is a viable investment route here, or even one you can expect to break even on. Give me shout if you’re in the area again.

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