Busy Week

I’ve been going for it on several different fronts in the garden over the last week. Work starts up again next week, so my days of happily toiling in the garden will be reduced to weekends and mornings pretty soon, and there were a few things I wanted to get done before that happens.

The first was to build a new trellis for my two hardy kiwi plants. All of the books I read raved about how delicious hardy kiwis are. If you aren’t familiar, they are small, grape-sized kiwis that have smooth skin that you don’t need to peel off. They are super sweet when ripe and I’m looking forward to eating fistfuls of them in the near future. I’d never heard of hardy kiwis, but after reading about them I put them on my list of things to add to the garden, and I was happy to see one of our local home centers selling small plants last fall.

Aside from reading how delicious hardy kiwis are, I also learned that they are fast and prolific growers that require a trellis or some other means of supporting them. In haste, and before I had starting with actually building things our of wood, I bought a bunch of bamboo and screwed it all together. After one Ishikawa winter, the thing was leaning and already starting to fall apart before ever being touched by a hardy kiwi tendril, so it was clear I needed something more substantial.


So I built and equally simple but far sturdier trellis the other day, and I’m patting myself on the back.


I’m really tired of driftwood and I didn’t feel like weeding, so the next thing to do was start prepping the vegetable beds. I added several different kinds of animal shit and churned it all together with my old-fashioned rake/hoe thing. One of the most satisfying sights to me a freshly fluffed and smoothed out veggie bed.


The other biggish job I had was to put some plants in the ground. I planted 2 raspberries, 2 currants, a peach tree, a mikan tree, and two different types of grape, and some Jerusalem artichokes. Fingers crossed that everything lives!


When that was done I had no choice but to find homes for all the driftwood I had scattered around. I’m declaring myself done with driftwood, by the way. It looks cool, but it seems to rot pretty fast and it’s a pain in the ass to fit it all together. That was a fun challenge at first, but when my current batch rots away I’ll find something else to contain my beds.

We’re still getting temps close to freezing here at night, but the days are warming and lots of things are getting ready to pop. Anticipation abounds…


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