Idle Hands

While waiting for vegetables to grow I’ve managed to stay busy with a few projects around the yard. The first was to build a small shed over the weekend. This is the most ambitious thing I’ve done carpentry-wise, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully it won’t fall down any time soon. We needed to a place to keep bicycles and other things, which were clogging up the other shed. Problem solved.


I’ve also been wanting to find a cheap solution to our driveway. We didn’t have a proper driveway poured when we built our house, and have been making do with construction gravel. I’ve always liked image of a driveway that consists of two tire strips in the grass, but white clover seed is cheaper/faster growing than grass, so oops, more white clover.


I also had a bunch of rocks laying around, so used them to create a makeshift apron at the end of the driveway. It looks nice but really isn’t helping to keep the gravel from spilling out on to the sidewalk.


In a few weeks it should fill in nicely. On the plus side, more green manure for the garden.


It’s been beautiful and hot here lately and the vegetables are growing quickly.


I have a cautionary tale regarding Jerusalem artichokes. Last year I planted some that grew into beautiful tall plants, but when I went to harvest them in the fall I could hardly find any. This year I decided to plant some fruit trees where I had the artichokes last year, and when I was preparing the beds for planting I found a few odd leftover artichokes, which I relocated to another part of the yard. I could have sworn there were no more Jerusalem artichokes in that soil. I was very wrong — they are popping up in droves.

I keep plucking the leaves but I’m hesitant to actually dig up the soil since I planted ginger in this particular spot.


In their new home they’re thriving. And now I can say to anyone contemplating Jerusalem artichokes, plant them somewhere that they can go wild.


I love this time of year…



2 thoughts on “Idle Hands

  1. The shed looks fantastic. I struggle with putting together the diy ones let alone building one from scratch, lol. Great job

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