Comfrey Compost Tea

I intended to include this in my last post but forgot. A few weeks ago I wrote about my first attempt at making comfrey compost tea. I started with a trash can full of fresh leaf and stem cuttings, and several weeks later it had decomposed down to this:


I was expecting to get a concentrated liquid that I could bottle and dilute to use as needed, which his not quite what I ended up with. Maybe I need to let the next batch go a little longer, but this was a lot more sludge and lot a less liquid than I had anticipated. I won’t say it didn’t stink, but it wasn’t as raunchy as I think it would have been if I had added water at the beginning of the process. It did, however, get progressively funky the longer it sat out.

I tried straining it for a while but I wasn’t making much progress, so I ended up just chucking the whole mess back into the trash can, filling it up halfway with water, and then ladling it throughout the garden.

I don’t know how much it helped, but I have another batch going now that I’ll let go a little longer and see if I get a better juice:sludge quotient.


2 thoughts on “Comfrey Compost Tea

  1. My wife had a worm farm at our last house which was great for the vegie.
    Lots of compost tea and somewhere to throw all the food scraps

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