End of Summer

We went about three weeks without rain and temperatures pushing 90 nearly every here, but the vegetable portion of the garden continues to be productive.


While we still have some hot days ahead, I feel like things are starting to slow down a bit. That could be due to my own thinking starting to shift and look forward to fall.

One of my goals is to plant things that flower at different times to that something is always in bloom in the garden to attract bees and other beneficial insects. Right now my first bee balm is in flower.


As are these blue globe flowers — I can’t recall what their proper name is, but I planted them last fall and they survived the winter.


My garden is literally crawling with these increasingly large spiders. They are extremely creepy and extremely beneficial, so I have a complicated relationship with them.


In my last post I think I said I was out of projects for a while, but you can’t keep a good man down. I had always planned on building an arbor for my grape trees, but figured it wouldn’t need one for the first year. And it probably doesn’t, but I was bored, so I built an arbor.


It creates a nice entry into the garden, and I can also utilise it for climbing annuals like kabocha and cucumber.

I have another grape tree that wasn’t doing as well, so I was pretty sure I definitely didn’t need an arbor for that one this year. But after I chopped down some corn stalks and old kabocha vines that were hindering the grape’s sunlight it started doing much better. And well…mine as well build another grape arbor. I may need to reinforce these arbors at some point — remember I have zero carpentry knowledge. But they are sturdy enough for the time being.


My summer vacation is coming to a close, which is just as well because I’ve been eating and drinking like I’m the king of Kanazawa for a few weeks now. Even my vigorous weight lifting and running routine is no match for this lavish lifestyle!



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