Building a Table

Lots of non-gardening things filling up my life these days, which keeps me from gardening and, by extension, blogging about gardening. I’ll get a fall wrap-up garden post written soon to cap off year two of my young forest garden, but in the meantime I’ll share some pictures of a dining table I built a few weeks ago.

We’d been using a Nittori-grade dining table that we bought about 10 years ago, but it was starting to look pretty beat. Having small, messy children has discourage us from buying anything very nice over the last few years, but we’re to the point where the kids can get most of the their food from the plate to their mouths without a majority of it being lost in transit, so I was thinking it might be time to get a new table.

When a quick IKEA search failed to turn up anything, it occurred to me that I could try building a table…and the rest is history. I originally was going to use these plans, but aside from being about two times larger than we can accommodate, the whole ‘pocket hole’ element proved to be too much of a hassle. But I liked the look of that table, so altered the size and figured out a simpler design.

Notching out the legs and spanners (if that’s what the technical term is) with my hand saw was the most difficult part. The next project is going to be a chicken coup, and I think I’ll have to finally invest in proper electric saw for that.


The reset of the table required very little cutting, so the frame went together quickly.


The top is made of 2×6 and 2×8 boards, which I had pre-cut, along with the legs, at the homecenter. Somehow I miscalculated the width of the top. I wanted an overhang all the way around, but the sides ended up flush.


A few coats of paint…


Slap together a matching bench…


I’m quite happy with the results. The table and bench are both very sturdy, and the stench of oil stain has finally dissipated. I did end up replacing the boards on either side of the top with wider ones to get the overhang effect I had initially wanted, and the table looks much better that way.


Back soon with gardening news.