The Beanpod Podcast – Episode 1


Another one of the things I love doing is podcasting, and I’m happy to introduce my newest endeavor – The Beanpod. For a few years a friend and I were making a podcast called Gozaimasu!, but that fizzled out a few months back. Since then, I’ve been working my way towards this solo effort. I’m describing it as  a podcast about ‘living, working, raising kids, and gardening in Japan.’ If you’re a podcast person, please have a listen. You can find it on Facebook under The Beanpod Podcast and (shortly) on iTunes under The Beanpod. You can also stream it HERE. I’ll shamelessly implore you to ‘like,’ ‘follow,’ ‘subscribe,’ and all that other jazz. New episodes will be released every week, so if you have any questions/comments/things you want me to talk about, please get in touch. Enjoy!


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