We received the rest of our chickens yesterday — two Okazaki Ouhan chicks that are two days old as I write this. Gisele and Patrice are doing well, and I’ll start gradually introducing them to their sisters in the next week or so.


Speaking of, the other chickens are getting much bigger and more feathery. They are now just about a month old. With the arrival of the two new babies and the nighttime temperatures gradually increasing, they spent their first night in the coop last night. They’ve been spending the days outside for the last week or so and then coming inside at night, which made them increasingly unhappy in their cramped brooder box. I wasn’t worried about the Boris Browns, since their feathers have come in pretty well. But I had some reservations about putting the Silkie out all night. Her feathers are still a little sparse, and she’s so much smaller than the other two. But they were all in a good mood when I opened the coop this morning to let them into their run, and they all resisted when it was time to lock them down in their coop this evening.

Sparkle and Mia


Kinu the Silkie, holding her own.


My garden is also in fine form, looking somewhat foresty from the right angle, and extremely green no matter where you are.


I planted my summer crops last week, and although it’s been quite rainy it hasn’t been very warm, so everything is in a holding pattern. The perennials, on the other hand, are going crazy.

My Black Locust is flowering for the first time, and oh my, does it smell fantastic. Can you spot the spider legs?


I hope spring is springing where ever you are. Happy Mother’s Day!