Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer

The days are really flying by, but this is always the best time of year in Japan — days getting longer, warm days and cool nights, everything lush as lush can be. Soon enough the switch will be flipped, and seemingly overnight the oppressive heat and humidity will be fire up, but that seems weeks away now. The thing I’m noticing in year four of my forest garden is that ground covers are taking over and the time I spend weeding is fading away. Letting the chickens free range part of the time helps in this regard, but I feel like they do as much damage as they do good sometimes.

The predominant ground cover in this guild is wild strawberry, which tends to wither a bit as summer drags on, but this time of year it spreads like mad and produces lots of fruit. There’s also some comfrey, tansy, and bee balm that you can’t see in this picture.


Things are really going nuts in this guild, much to my delight — feverfew, yarrow, rosemary, comfrey, tansy, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, and probably a few other things have pretty much wiped out weeds here.


It’s mint madness in this guild, but there’s also chamomile, lavender, comfrey, rosemary, oregano, yarrow, and echinacea battling for space.


This guild has taken a beating from the chickens, but there’s still a lot of creeping thyme and yarrow holding their own.


There’s also lots of fruit in the works. We’re getting a bowl of mulberries every day.


But most things still aren’t quite ready for consumption.


Sea buckthorn…


Hardy kiwi…


Jerusalem artichokes…


Some other shots around the garden. The right side is really getting a great canopy going…forest garden.




I’ve had trouble getting tall trees to take on the other side of the yard though. All in good time.


And it’s all green.




Long live early summer.

2 thoughts on “Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer

    1. Hey man, good to hear from you. Looking forward to checking out your new blog. Yeah, still in Japan…I’m not going anywhere any time soon. Hope all is well! (Did those sea buckthorn take? Everying you sent me survived the crazy winter of 2018 and is plugging along slowly but surely.)

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